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Our Master of Social Sciences programme in Media, Culture & Creative Cities [MSocSc(MCCC)] provides an innovative sociologically-grounded approach to understanding the central role of media, culture and creativity in a world city context. Our programme provides academic and professional training for students and practitioners in the fields of media, culture and creative industries, and a foundation for advanced research degree studies in these areas.

Our programme is particularly ideal if you:

● intend to start, or already have, a career in media and culture related fields
● work in business, government and other non-cultural fields but want to increase your conceptual understanding of, and skills in, media and cultural studies
● are a graduate from related disciplines of sociology, anthropology, journalism, urban studies, or media and cultural studies wishing to pursue further research

In this programme, we aim to provide you with:

● theoretical knowledge for understanding how media, culture, and creative cities function in today's global society
● skills to allow you to conduct original and rigorous research on media, culture, and creative cities
● exposure, connections, and career prospects in related fields
● the ability to analyse, and contribute to, related policy discussions in order to have an impact upon government, industry, and civil society

Capstone project is the centrepiece of the MCCC programme.  You will conduct a research project in collaboration with a leading company/organisation in the field of media and culture.  This is a valuable experience where you can integrate and apply the theories and knowledge acquired through the programme in a real-life context, as well as acquire practical skills and connections in the field.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, with classes on evenings and occasionally weekends)

Part Time (two years, with classes on evenings and occasionally weekends)

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Candidates should hold a Bachelor's degree, or another qualification of equivalent standard; and preferably have relevant working experiences in the media and cultural sector.

2. Candidates must pass a written test and a face-to-face interview, and if necessary a language test will be scheduled to assess their English proficiency.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)
Dr. Travis SK Kong, Programme Director
Tel: 3917 2055
Fax: 2559 8044