Postgraduate Housing

Residential places on campus for postgraduate students are limited and in great demand. Only students enrolled in government-funded programmes are eligible to University housing. Most taught course postgraduate programmes are not funded by the government.

For those eligible for University housing, you can visit CEDARS website for details and online application.

For those who need to look for private off-campus accommodation near the University, you can contact CEDARS for assistance and advice. More information is also available from CEDARS website.

Residential Halls

The University has 13 halls of residence, which mainly accommodate full-time undergraduate students; only a small percentage of places are assigned to postgraduate students in each Hall, application of which are held in April for current students and August for new students. Taught course postgraduates are strongly advised to use the Housing Service to find their own accommodation outside the University.

For details of Residential Halls, please refer to Academic Support and Examinations Section of the Registry.

Residential Colleges

The University has four Residential Colleges in Jockey Club Student Village III on Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town for 1,800 students, with around half of the places assigned to postgraduates in programmes funded by the government. The colleges allow students to engage with the community and provide opportunities for in-depth academic and cultural exchange. For more information, please refer to the Jockey Club Student Village III website.

The latest four Residential Colleges in Jockey Club Student Village IV are located in Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen.  The Colleges are distributed in two 17-floor towers, to provide 1,238 single room places, with around half of the places assigned to postgraduates in programmes funded by the government.  For more information, please refer to the Jockey Club Student Village IV website.

*Only research postgraduates and taught postgraduates programmes supported by the Hong Kong Government are eligible to University housing.


The University of Hong Kong Libraries is an essential part of the educational facilities provided to you by the University. The Libraries lends itself to the three pillars of the University's vision for Teaching and Learning, Research, and Knowledge Exchange through its outstanding resources, people-centred services as well as its innovative and collaborative approaches.

The Libraries consists of the Main Library and six branch libraries, namely the Dental Library, Fung Ping Shan Library, Lui Che Woo Law Library, Music Library, Tin Ka Ping Education Library, and the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library. Of scholarly interest is the newly combined establishment of University Archives and Special Collections – the former houses the unique, historic institutional records of the University; and the latter collects a wider scope of special materials including rare books, odd size objects, primary and secondary sources of research materials relating to the history of Hong Kong dated 1890s onwards.

As of June 2022, the collections of The University of Hong Kong Libraries exceed 3.1 million volumes, 8.5 million e-books and 193,391 e-Journal titles.


The Libraries offers a conducive environment for study, research, and knowledge exchange. HKU Campus Wi-Fi services are available throughout the Libraries connecting patrons to the HKU network and to a number of printers throughout the Libraries. Scanners are also available, and payment for the peripheral usage can easily be made by using uPrint.

The Libraries' premises have also evolved over the years. Located on the ground floor, second floor and third floor of the Main Library, the Think Tank, Ingenium and Level 3 (respectively) are learning commons style facilities providing a variety of spaces suitable for different learning styles including reflective self-study as well as collaborative study. The Virtual Information and Lending Services Counters on the 2/F provide face-to-face support in the use of the facilities and in searching the myriad information resources subscribed by the Libraries or available on the Internet.

Additional information on the Libraries can be found at

•           Phone: Service Contacts
•           E-mail: Email-a-Librarian
•           WhatsApp: 5441-5441
•           Website:
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University Health Service

The University Health Service (UHS) provides quality primary care and health promotion on campus to enhance the physical and psychological health of the University community. The clinical services that the UHS provides include medical consultation, nursing care, vaccination, physiotherapy service and dental service.

Additional information on the UHS can be found at:

Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA)

The Postgraduate Student Association of the University of Hong Kong (HKU PGSA), founded in 1993, is the oldest postgraduate student association acknowledged by The University of Hong Kong to serve/represent the postgraduate students . The Association aims to enhance postgraduate life at HKU by encouraging students to take active interest in their welfare by participating in various academic, social and professional events. The Association is registered in HK Police Station as an independent society and autonomous body. HKU PGSA serves all the postgraduate students at HKU, whether full-time or part-time. The full membership once you pay the membership fee, which is lifetime, allows you to enjoy discounts or higher priority in the events held by PGSA. These activities may consist of high table dinners, recruitment talks, social parties, musical performances, sports games, career building workshops, outdoor trips and lectures of special relevance to postgraduate life. The aim of these activities is to build a strong community among the postgraduate students at the University of Hong Kong. The full members of PGSA also have chances to be involved in the management work of PGSA and HKU. The Association is dedicated to striving for the rights and benefits of postgraduates by collecting the voice of students and raising concerns/solutions to the University.

All the events and registration information can be found at: Also simply search HKUPGSA (or 港大研会) to find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat and Weibo! Come and Join!