The Faculty of Law (HKU Law) is Hong Kong's leading law school. It has a cherished heritage, is ranked among the best law faculties in the world and is highly regarded for providing quality legal education and life-long learning opportunities.

Building on its strong tradition of teaching, research in the common law and prominent links with the professional community, our Faculty, as a regional centre of excellence in China and the Asia-Pacific Region, aspires to be a world-class law school that meets the highest standards of international excellence in every dimension and to be recognized as one of a handful of the best law schools internationally.

The Law School was established in 1969 and matured into the Faculty of Law in 1984. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Law has become the breeding ground for some of the most distinguished legal professionals and community leaders in Hong Kong. While most of our undergraduates have proceeded to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws ("PCLL", the qualification for entry into the legal profession in Hong Kong, either as solicitors or barristers), a considerable number of them have become senior figures serving the business, public service and other sectors. Among them are judges at the highest level of court, Senior Counsel, leading practitioners, legislators, political party leaders, cabinet members, chairpersons of statutory bodies, senior civil servants, leading journalists, committed philanthropists, and artists, not to mention leading academics and many others contributing to the wellbeing of the community in many different ways.

The Faculty, presently organised into two departments (the Department of Law and the Department of Professional Legal Education), employs over 70 full-time academic staff from 17 jurisdictions worldwide and has more than 2,300 students, many from outside Hong Kong.

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