Abbreviation FT / PT
MSocSc(Crim) FT / PT

The Master of Social Sciences in Criminology [MSocSc(Crim)] is the first and long established postgraduate criminology programme in Hong Kong. It offers a professional qualification for practitioners in criminal justice and related fields, and provides a foundation for advanced research degree studies in the discipline. Offered since 1986, the programme is designed for people:

- who intend to start or already have a career in the police, the law, corrections, non-governmental organisations and related agencies;
- who want to complement their skills through the academic study of crime and criminal justice;
- who work in government, commerce, security and risk management, journalism, teaching, and other areas where acknowledge of criminology would be professionally helpful;
- who wish to increase their technical and conceptual skills through an advanced university education;
- who wish to pursue research studies in criminology.

On completion of the programme, students should:

- be able to apply a social-sciences approach to the study of crime and deviance;
- be able to understand a variety of contemporary developments in criminology and related social-policy issues;
- have possessed professional knowledge of the role of social sciences, including law and psychiatry, in understanding crime and criminal justice;
- be equipped with the theoretical and practical skills to investigate these core areas within criminology.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, with classes on evenings and occasionally weekends)
Part Time (two years, with classes on evenings and occasionally weekends)

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Candidates should hold a Bachelor's degree, or another qualification of equivalent standard, preferably with a major in the social sciences or humanities discipline, or preferably have relevant working experience in the criminal justice system, social-welfare agencies or in other work with offenders.

2. Candidates must pass a written test and a face-to-face interview, and if necessary a language test will be scheduled to assess their English proficiency.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)
Professor Karen A Joe Laidler, Programme Director
Tel: 3917 2059
Fax: 2559 8044

Miss Connie HY Ko
Tel: 3917 2309
Fax: 2559 8044