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The Master of Arts in the field of English Studies (MA) offers candidates with a solid foundation in English Studies the opportunity to participate in an innovative programme that explores the latest developments in literary, cultural and linguistic theory. The curriculum has a cross-cultural focus designed to take advantage of Hong Kong's historical, geographical and political position on the global stage. Each course considers different theories, languages and literatures of cross-cultural exchange, especially with respect to East-West and post-colonial studies. The programme includes courses in Cross-Cultural Theory, Language and Communication, Global Shakespeare, Post-Colonial Representations, Travel Writing, World Modernisms, The Politics of English, Language Variation across Society and Speakers, New Media and Discourse and Global Englishes.

The main prerequisite for this programme is a solid background at UG level in writing critical essays on language and literature. Much of the theory will be new, and the programme will begin at the beginning and assume no prior knowledge of the material. However, reading in some of the theories used in the programme, such as theories of language and communication, Orientalism, post-colonial theory, theories of globalisation and cross-cultural theory, is recommended as preparation.

Please note that our MA is not an English as a Second Language or an English teaching programme. Although many of our students are English teachers or teachers-to-be, our focus is purely on literature and language as fields of critical enquiry, and the programme does not focus on pedagogical methods or improving language skills. Our programme assumes that you already have a background in critical reading and writing but also offers academic writing workshops throughout the year to ensure that students from different backgrounds are well supported.

In addition to regular classes, candidates will be required to complete a capstone course in their final semester that will culminate in a final essay, a creative project and a conference paper to be presented to the academic and wider community.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, with evening lectures and seminars on weekdays)

Part Time (two years, with evening lectures and seminars on weekdays)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. A good bachelor's degree with a major in English or a closely related subject from a recognised university.

2. Applicants are required to submit a personal statement and a writing sample in English.

3. An interview may be used to ascertain the most suitable candidates.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Dr Otto Heim (Full Time Programme)
Tel: 3917 5144

Dr Agnes Kang (Part Time Programme)
Tel: 3917 5144