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The Master of Arts in the field of Creative Communications programme is offered full-time over one year. This unique academic programme opens the often mysterious door of creativity as nothing less now than a necessity for emerging leadership, professional promotion, and creative collaborations across every disciplinary and multilingual background. Top CEOs and industry leaders already recognize the key of creativity, demanding dedicated time and attention, to ongoing success stories, both of insight and staying power.

With an emphasis on language and discourse, and rooted in prestigious research and practice at HKU and the School of English, the MACC welcomes all emerging professionals to expand their global footprint and creative impact. The MACC opens out creative foundations and futures of professional leadership, whether in an individual project, for example, such as a film or memoir; or in a professional context, such as app development or architecture. Participants in the programme will, first explore, discover and expand their creative adaptability and competitive muscle in the history, art and practice of creativity: life-changing and transformative, for expanding audience, clients, and professional impact. Unique courses in the programme feature macro and micro vision and creativity, experimental studio courses in creative collaboration, and a capstone project in creativity and happiness, developing each emerging and creative leader's own vision and lifelong path.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. A good bachelor's degree from a recognised university, or equivalent qualifications.

2. Applicants in all disciplines are encouraged to apply: we welcome fields including education, literature, linguistics, film, video, media and cultural studies, literature, fine arts, law, medicine, architecture.

3. Applicants are required to submit an extended Creative Personal Statement, a minimum of approximately 500-750 words. The Creative Personal Statement should briefly include two parts: (1) an outline of the applicant's current professional or postgraduate work/artistic project; and (2) the applicant's current career or project aims, combined now with the applicant's exciting creative vision/challenges/goals. Please give as much detail as possible.

4. Applicants must also submit a brief sample of their own current professional/artistic materials that they hope to build with greater leadership and creative mastery: for example, a brief portfolio of teaching materials, needing a new infusion of creativity for students' and lecturer's growth and promotion; a new app that needs greater creative input, narrative and structure; a brief excerpt, storyboard, or treatment from a developing film that needs creative clarity for voice, circulation and sales pitch; a developing narrative on visual models for architectural submission or competition; a seed of a life story or family archive that needs inspiration or creative reinvention for new and wider audiences.

Finalists may be asked to interview as part of the selection process.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Dr Page Richards
Tel: 3917 5145
Fax: 2559 7139


Tel: 3917 5145