Abbreviation FT / PT

The Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics programme aims to prepare students for a career in the ever-changing world of FinTech. It has an interdisciplinary curriculum by drawing on the expertise from diverse areas of engineering, business, law and statistics, with a technology focus.  Through the courses, students will gain essential FinTech skills necessary for navigating the changing landscape of the finance industry, as well as knowledge of the hottest industry trends.

Graduates of the programme would learn new competencies in new technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, big data analysis, financial fraud analytics, etc. Knowledge and skills gained from completing this programme will place our graduates in an excellent position to advance their career. Graduates will be able to identify, formulate and analyse FinTech-related problems and apply innovative solutions to those problems.  They are expected to be well prepared for a wide range of jobs that require strong technological skills in finance-related industries.

Students are required to complete not fewer than 75 credits nor more than 84 credits to graduate.

Mode of Attendance

Part Time (two years, with classes on weekday evenings and weekends)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Comply with the University Entrance Requirements; and

2. Hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science discipline of this University or a qualification of equivalent standard from this University or another comparable institution accepted for this purpose.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Dr KP Chow
Tel: 3917 1828
Fax: 2547 4442


Tel: 3917 1828