Abbreviation FT / PT
MSc(Eng)(CivE) FT / PT

Four Streams

1. General Stream
2. Environmental Engineering Stream
3. Geotechnical Engineering Stream
4. Structural Engineering Stream

Programme Introduction

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering [MSc(Eng)(CivE)] curriculum aims at providing postgraduate education for graduates aspiring to pursue careers in civil engineering.  It is also intended for civil engineer professionals seeking to advance and update their knowledge.  The programme offers the option of four focused streams of study, a general stream and specialised streams in Environmental Engineering, Geotechncial Engineering and Structural Engineering.

The General Stream covers a broad and comprehensive range of civil engineering subjects, covering environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, infrastructure project management (over the entire life cycle), structural engineering and transportation engineering.

The Environmental Engineering Stream provides in-depth theoretical and practical training for students in environmental engineering.  The curriculum covers different aspects of hydrology, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and environmental impact assessment.

The Geotechnical Engineering Stream provides in-depth theoretical and practical training for graduates aspiring to pursue careers in geotechnical engineering.  The topics of studies include foundation engineering, slope engineering, soil mechanics, engineering geology and tunnel construction.

The Structural Engineering Stream caters for the increasing demand for engineers with advanced education in structural engineering.  Subject areas include tall building structures, bridge engineering, seismic design and wind engineering.

Students are required to successfully complete 72 credits to graduate.  Students have to successfully complete not less than 36 credits of Discipline Courses of the Department of Civil Engineering, another 12 credits of Elective courses and a Dissertation (equivalent to 24 credits).

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (normative study period: one year; maximum study period: two years; with classes mainly on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Part Time (normative study period: two years; maximum study period: three years; with classes mainly on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Lectures of a few modules may be given during daytime of weekdays to suit mainly Full Time students. There are two semesters and one summer semester in an academic year.

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Comply with the University Entrance Requirements; and

2. Hold a Bachelor's degree from The University of Hong Kong in Civil Engineering, or an equivalent qualification in an appropriate field of study from another university or institution of recognised standing in the following areas: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or environment-related sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Dr CP Wong
Tel: 3917 5156
Fax: 2559 5337


Tel:  3917 5532