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MSc(Eng)(ME) FT / PT

Mechanical engineering is a discipline at the heart of engineering that involves the application of scientific knowledge and engineering principles for analysis, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. It has continually evolved to incorporate advancement in science and technology of multi-disciplinary applications such as advanced materials, energy and biomedical. In response to these changing needs of mechanical engineering, the Master of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering [MSc(Eng)(ME)] curriculum is designed for enabling postgraduate students to develop a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of the many contemporary issues facing mechanical-engineering professionals.

The MSc(Eng)(ME) curriculum provides a range of technical courses and learning experience in the fields of energy and power, environmental engineering, material technology, applied mathematics, computational fluid dynamics, theoretical mechanics, and computer integrated design and manufacturing. Students will integrate and apply the knowledge acquired from their studies for solving the deeper problems that may arise in the broad field of mechanical engineering. By learning new theories and developing engineering techniques to investigate the emerging problems in mechanical engineering, students can eventually become engineering professionals.

Students are required to complete 48 credits plus a dissertation (equivalent to 24 credits) to graduate.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (normative study period: one year; maximum study period: two years; with classes mainly on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Part Time (normative study period: two years; maximum study period: three years; with classes mainly on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Lectures of a few modules may be given during daytime of weekdays to suit mainly Full Time students. There are two semesters and one summer semester in an academic year.

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Comply with the University Entrance Requirements; and

2. Hold a Bachelor's degree of this University in a relevant field; or a qualification of equivalent standard from this University or another comparable institution accepted for this purpose.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Dr Match WL Ko
Tel: 3917 2123
Fax: 2858 5415


Tel: 3917 2630