Abbreviation FT / PT
MSc(Eng)(EnergyE) FT / PT

The Master of Science in Engineering in Energy Engineering [MSc(Eng)(EnergyE)] curriculum is jointly offered by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

As a consequence of rising industrialisation, economic and social development, and the supply of additional and better energy services for an increasing population, there is a tremendous increase in energy consumption in the world in the past few decades, which is predicted to grow continuously, particularly in most developing countries. Most of the energy sources come from fossil fuels, which produce much air pollutants and greenhouse gases that threaten the earth. Also, fossil fuels are not unlimited, and its depletion affects our economic development. It is therefore important to explore technologies that can reduce our use of energy and to derive energy and fuels that are sustainable. The curriculum will focus on various energy technologies, including energy production, energy conversion, energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy use.

Students are required to complete either 48 credits plus a dissertation (equivalent to 24 credits), or 60 credits plus a project (equivalent to 12 credits) to graduate.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (minimum one year, maximum two years, with classes on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Part Time (minimum two years, maximum three years, with classes on weekday evenings and Saturdays)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

1. Comply with the University Entrance Requirements; and

2. Hold a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (Engineering or related sciences) of this University or a comparable institution accepted for this purpose.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Professor SC Chan / Dr Y Hou / Dr WT Fok
Tel: 3917 2708
Fax: 2559 8738


Tel: 3917 2708