Abbreviation FT / PT
MSc (Food Safety & Toxicology) FT

This is a one-year full-time postgraduate programme offered by the School of Biological Sciences. The objective is to provide comprehensive and advanced training on a multi-disciplinary field involving general toxicology, food toxicology, regulatory toxicology and food safety management. The programme focuses on food safety perspectives. It emphasizes basic knowledge as well as practical skills in the recognition, safety evaluation and regulation of human exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and pathogens in our living environment and via dietary intake of foods.

Lectures and workshops will be taught primarily by experts in the fields of toxicology research, policy development and food industry with relevant experience and perspectives.

Expected degree conferment will take place in

November / December 2025 (Winter Congregation)

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, including evenings and Saturdays. Online teaching and learning may be adopted if face-to-face mode is not possible)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

A Bachelor's degree in Science. Preference will be given to those who possess a Bachelor's degree in physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, food science, chemistry, biological sciences, clinical laboratory science, environmental sciences, pharmacology or other related disciplines.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Professor Hani S El-Nezami
Tel: 2299 0835 / 3917 3835 
Fax: 2858 3477


Tel: 3917 5287