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The Master of Science in the field of Chemical Technologies for Health and Materials programme offered by the Department of Chemistry is a 1.5 academic year programme. It endeavors to equip graduates with in-depth knowledge in relevant subject areas, advanced transferable skills and innovative mindset, enabling them to achieve breakthroughs in workplace and research. The contents cover a wide range of subjects from drug design and synthesis, quality assurance, modern analysis techniques to energy harvesting, conversion and storage, and technology transfer. In addition to core and elective lecture modules, the program also includes laboratory and project-based practical courses, providing extensive hands-on experience. Students will graduate from the programme with a solid knowledge base in the subject area, highly transferrable skills in analysis, synthesis and informatics, and also thorough training in critical thinking, creative reasoning, future technology and entrepreneurial potential.

Expected graduation period for normal course of studies
Summer (July 2026)

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (1.5 academic year, including evenings and Saturdays. Online teaching and learning may be adopted if face-to-face mode is not possible)

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

A Bachelor's degree in Science or Engineering. Preference will be given to those specializing related science or engineering disciplines (e.g. chemistry, biochemistry, material science, biotechnology, medical science, health science, analytical science, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, materials or mechanical engineering.)

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

Professor Guo, Zheng Xiao
Tel: 3917 5433
Fax: 2915 5176

Dr. Yuen, Mai Yan
Tel: 3917 6077
Fax: 2915 5176

Dr. Ng, King-Hei
Tel: 2241 5747
Fax: 2915 5176


Tel: 3917 5287