Abbreviation FT / PT
MSc (Food Industry: Management and Marketing) FT

This is a one-year full-time postgraduate programme offered by the School of Biological Sciences. The objective is to offer advanced training in management skills and marketing research methodology for food/nutritional science graduates working in the food industry or planning to work in the food industry. The programme emphasizes practical approaches to quality assurance and safety management in processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food products, waste management and control, as well as market research, financial planning, organizational culture, product development and evaluation, and compliance with food laws and regulations.

Lectures and workshops will be taught primarily by experts in the industry with relevant experience and perspectives.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, including evenings and Saturday afternoons. Online teaching and learning may be adopted if face-to-face mode is not possible.)

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

1. A Bachelor's degree with Honours in Science of this University or equivalent qualification from another University or comparable institution accepted for this purpose. 
2. Preference will be given to those specializing in food science, nutrition or other related major.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)
Dr. Jetty CY Lee
Tel: 2299 0318
Fax: 2559 9114
Dr. Mingfu Wang
Fax: 2559 9114

Tel: 3917 5287