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MMedSc FT / PT

The Master of Medical Sciences (MMedSc) programme provides structured training in basic medical and clinical disciplines to enable postgraduates to embark on specialist studies, practice or teaching for career and personal development. Other objectives are to provide a bridging mechanism for preclinical and clinical studies, and to promote integrated training in the fundamentals of basic and applied medical sciences.

MMedSc candidates are required to complete 12 credit units of Core Courses (i.e. 4 Core Courses), 18 credit units of Specialised Courses in their chosen Specialised Field of Study and a research project leading to a dissertation in a chosen specialty. Students are also required to attend the Induction Courses on (a) Dissertation Writing (7.5 hours), and (b) Clinical Trials and Biostatistics (2.5 hours). The full-time MMedSc programme is of one year duration, but there are provisions for part time two-year day-release candidates. The configuration of the programme permits those not seeking the MMedSc qualification to take only selected Core or Specialised Courses.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year)

Part Time (two years, day-release)

*Teaching Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face

Medium of Instruction


Programme Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Medical Sciences, a candidate shall:

(a) comply with the General Regulations;

(b) comply with the Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curricula;

(c) hold a Bachelor's degree with honours or the degrees of MBBS of this University, or anotherqualification of equivalent standard from this University or from another University or comparable institution accepted for this purpose; and

(d) satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination if required.

Advanced standing of up to 12 credit units may be granted to a candidate who has successfully completed equivalent course(s) subject to approval by the Faculty Board.  Candidates seeking advanced standing should submit a written application to the Faculty Office before commencement of the study.  Such course(s) should be completed no more than 5 years prior to the candidate's commencement of the Master of Medical Sciences.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)

MMedSc Office
Tel:  3910 2821 / 3917 9155


Tel:  3910 2821 / 3917 9155