Abbreviation FT / PT
DNurs FT / PT

The Doctor of Nursing (DNurs) programme is a professional doctorate with coursework and research components that aims to equip nurses with competencies in theoretical, methodological and analytical approaches for knowledge discovery and translation of knowledge to practice.

The Programme emphasizes on scholarly practice, practice improvement, innovation, evaluation of health care outcomes, expertise to inform health policy and leadership for establishing clinical excellences. Graduates of the Programme are expected to take up leadership roles in clinical practices or healthcare administration; or to be experts in specialized advanced nursing practice; or nurse educators in a practice or academic setting.

The curriculum consists of four DNurs core courses, with 26 contact hours per course totaling 104 contact hours; three DNurs track courses, with 26 contact hours per course totaling 78 contact hours; a course on Research Ethics featuring 12 contact hours; and a thesis featuring 104 contact hours. Students are required to complete a thesis of 50,000 to 60,000 words that represents an original scientific study grounded in practice and contains material worthy of publication; students are also required to participate in thesis seminars which will serve as forums for presenting their work in progress on a regular basis and hone their research skills.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates are able to:

1. use analytic methods to critically evaluate existing evidence in order to select the best evidence for clinical practice and/or nursing education;
2. design and implement programmes to evaluate outcomes of clinical practice and/or nursing education;
3. design, direct, and evaluate innovations to enhance healthcare and/or educational outcomes;
4. translate research into practice to improve healthcare outcomes;
5. integrate practice, education and research to better meet society's health needs;
6. demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in practice or academic environments;
7. disseminate findings from evidence-based practice to improve clinical practice and/or nursing education;
8. reflect on their own practice so that they can construct, articulate and evaluate their own philosophy, self-reflection and professional ethics in health care, nursing practice, and research; and
9. provide leadership in clinical practice and nursing education.

Mode of Attendance

Part Time (four years)

Full Time (three years)

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Programme leading to the degree of Doctor of Nursing, applicants must:

a. comply with the General Regulations;
b. hold a master's degree in nursing or equivalent disciplines from this University, or a comparable university accepted for this purpose;
c. currently hold a Registered Nurse license;
d. have English proficiency as specified by the University's admission requirements; and
e. satisfy the application evaluators with (i) a statement of overall career goals and specific research interests and (ii) an oral justification of their suitability for doctoral education.

Programme Admissions Advisor(s)
Dr. William Li, Programme Director
Tel: 3917 6634

Tel: 3917 6651
Fax: 2872 6079