Exchange has realised my many firsts!

Want to expand your horizons through exchange programmes in top universities around the world in your university years? HKU has partnered with over 365 institutions across 45 destinations, including those that are ranked the top in their country. There are also numerous visiting programmes, summer or winter study programmes and other short term overseas study programmes available.

Yongqing is graduating from HKU this year with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance). She was able to go on a fabulous exchange programme at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. It allowed her to develop as a student and also as a person through all the new experiences.

"I went to the University of British Columbia in Canada for a semester exchange in my third year. I embraced a different lifestyle in Vancouver, from fast-paced Hong Kong to a retirement-friendly land. The exchange programme has realised many of my first times, my first snow, first cherry blossoms bloom, first time flying out of Asia and many more. The teaching and learning are rather different as the school mandates "lids-down" (laptops down) policy during classes to encourage discussions. This has improved my participation and attentiveness in class and interaction with classmates as there is less distraction by digital devices. Smaller classes also meant that we could interact more easily with professors and classmates. Without this exchange opportunity, I would not have experienced such culture differences, be it academically or socially."

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