Students playing jenga

Hall Life

  • Our 17 residential halls and colleges are more than a place to sleep – they’re a fun and essential part of the HKU experience!
  • Each hall has its own culture with a strong spirit and heritage. No matter which one you call home, it’ll be an irreplaceable part of your life at HKU.
Anagha Nair

Make tight-knit groups of friends!

The hall spirit at HKU is so inspiring, and the hallmates love being part of these close-knit groups. I’m part of the swimming team at my hall, Starr Hall. At every swimming meet, I have felt a sense of belonging with my hall and could see that everyone felt the same about their halls. All in all, it’s been a really heart-warming experience!

Anagha Nair, Class of 2023
Bachelor of Journalism

On the Menu

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Collage of food in Hong Kong
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  • You’ll never go hungry at HKU! Plenty of on-campus eateries serve up a variety of cuisines with vegetarian and halal options.
  • Stroll beyond the campus and find many of Hong Kong’s tempting restaurants and bars within walking distance.
Anette Ng

Food paradise!

If Hong Kong is a food paradise,  then HKU's local neighbourhood of Sai Wan will be nothing short of heaven for foodies. No matter what cuisine you’re up for, you’ll definitely find it in the area. Food diversity near HKU is as fantastic as student diversity on campus!

Annette Ng, Class of 2022
Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Facilities and Accessibility

  • Explore our spacious and state-of-the-art learning spaces, where you can collaborate with friends or study alone.
  • Keen to keep fit? Every student can enjoy our athletics stadium, Olympic-size swimming pool, softball diamond, driving range, and tennis, basketball, football, and fitness facilities.
  • We work hard to ensure that our students with disabilities have equal access to every space and experience at HKU.  
Zihan Zhou

Gorgeous Centennial Park

Centennial Park at HKU is a lovely little oasis where I can forget all my worries. I love to stroll through the gorgeous park where children play in the sun, the elderly exercise in the mornings, and sparrows hop around the lawn. It’s where I temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is also a brick wall displaying the names and stories of supporters of the Centennial Campus development. Their voices encourage me to keep pursuing what I believe in!

Zihan Zhou, Class of 2024
Bachelor of Engineering