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Tuition Fees

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Annual Tuition Fees for Local Hong Kong Students

(2023-24 intake)

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Annual Tuition Fees for Non-local Students

 (2023-24 intake)

You are considered a non-local student if you hold

  1. A student visa or entry permit to study in Hong Kong, or
  2. A dependent visa or entry permit and were aged 18 years or above when the HKSAR Immigration Department first issued the document, or
  3. A visa or entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) issued by the Director of Immigration of the HKSAR Immigration Department.

Cost of Living

HKU has 17 residential halls and colleges and non-hall housing in three residential areas close to the University. Here’s a snapshot of what it will cost to live and learn at HKU. 

Residential halls and colleges

HKD17,290 to HKD37,940 per year  This includes 285 residential days and excludes the summer semester.

Off-campus housing

HKD30,000 to HKD50,000 per year   Depending on the housing type and district.

Living expenses

Up to HKD50,000 per year  This is based on the lifestyle of an average student living in the city of Hong Kong.


HKU offers generous scholarships based on academic merit that cover tuition fees, and living expenses in some cases, to both local and non-local students. We seek to maintain a diverse campus that welcomes deserving students from all walks of life. Our grants help the brightest students earn an education at a world-class university, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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