Studying at HKU: A tough but fun experience 

As a recipient of the HKU Foundation Entrance Scholarship, Bianca Olivia has opted to pursue the Bachelor of Science at HKU. She described her university life as both tough and fun. 

"The tough side stems from a diverse variety of projects, assignments, and tests, but it also has its bright side, which developed my multitasking skills. Furthermore, given HKU's highly international student body, I am extremely impressed by such a diverse learning environment with different cultural perspectives. I have lots of fun meeting new friends from different countries." 

Bianca said studying at HKU has been her dream since she was in high school. "I am perfectly convinced that HKU is a brilliant world-class university which offers a wealth of opportunities that will enhance my competitiveness in the job market. HKU serves as a great platform for building connections with alumni even before my graduation. All these opportunities have given me the chance to broaden my horizons and improve my communication skills which will surely be beneficial to my future development." 

After graduating from HKU, Bianca hopes to enter the financial industry to work for a prestigious company. She believes that HKU guarantees success in her job hunt. She strives to be an individual who makes the University proud. 

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