Clearing career mist through unforgettable internships

Amrita Chopra is a Year 2 student from India, studying the Bachelor of Social Sciences. She was drawn to HKU because of the wide range of learning opportunities embedded into the academic programmes through internships, exchange programmes, services trips and more. Through Cedars at HKU she also managed to find an internship programme which she will never forget.

“I found an internship through the Intern with Founder programme by Cedars, and worked in a company called Aveitas Securities. I started this internship in November, but unfortunately had to halt it due to the global pandemic. However, in the short time frame I was able to professionally learn and train with experts of this field, opening up to new career pathways. I was always confused about my career paths due to my interdisciplinary interests in Psychology and Business. Yet, with the help of this internship, I realized Marketing was a field where the two blended in perfectly. Working didn’t feel like work, and the experience helped me open my eyes to Marketing and other related fields as my career paths.”

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