Windows to a whole new world

The Common Core programme in HKU allows students to explore a range of subject fields, from philosophy, visual arts to sexuality and global issues. Le Chi Lim, a  Year 2 student studying Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics), had the opportunity to study philosophy through the Common Core programme. He was pleasantly surprised by the rich content as well as the unique teaching and learning styles of HKU.

During my first year, I enrolled in a Common Core class on philosophy. As an Engineering student, I did not expect to learn about philosophy formally in class. However, I took the class and it was extremely interesting and intriguing. The tutorials for this class were done in a way where my classmates and I would exchange ideas and thoughts over a piece of reading material that we were assigned to read. We did not merely discuss that, but were able to integrate the academic readings into our own discussions with the help of the professor. This enabled me to come up with my own argument and perspective in this subject. It allowed me to fully express myself in a subject that was outside the scope of my study and I am thankful for the opportunity for the Common Core programme.

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