Soaring high in HKU

Hanson Chin started as a freshman and President's Scholar with a full scholarship to study Medicine at HKU after graduating from Hwa Chong International School in Malaysia. What drew Hanson to HKU is not only its global reputation and the university's achievements and breakthroughs in the medical field, but also the opportunity offered for medical students to explore their interests through the "enrichment year".

"With HKU being one of the top and most prestigious medical universities in Asia, I have been drawn to its century old history ever since university applications began in my high school.  From its entanglement with the 2003 SARS epidemic, to offering an "enrichment year" for students to explore specific interests in the middle of the MBBS programme, everything about HKU's medical faculty seemed to hint at a nuanced and unique adventure. I believe it remains to be one of the very few institutions that provide merit-based scholarships for degrees such as medicine, and it has been a privilege to receive such a blessing to alleviate the financial burden for my family."

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