Serving the community with
what I learn

Alishan Charania is from Pakistan, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from HKU this year. Since coming to HKU, he has been able to experience various social service activities such as joining Mechanical Engineers Hong Kong (IMechE HK). He was not only able to help those in need, but also to think of innovative ideas and connect with HKU alumni, experiencing the real-world work life. It opened new doors for him, enabling him to learn and build his network through HKU.

“Currently, I am involved in community service through the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Hong Kong (IMechE HK). Our team consists of students and professionals in the field of engineering, who use their skills and expertise to help the local community. Every month, we devote one Saturday to assist disabled people with a variety of tasks. Some of the projects that I have worked on are repairing wheelchairs and conducting surveys on accessibility measures. This programme allowed me to connect with HKU alumni and gain valuable insights into what I can expect from a career in engineering. It also allowed me to understand how I can use my knowledge for the betterment of others around me.”

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