Abbreviation FT / PT
Msc(Conservation) FT / PT

The Division Architectural Conservation Programmes (ACP), was established in 2000 as a programme-level academic unit in the Faculty of Architecture to provide continuing professional training leading to a Master of Science in Conservation degree [MSc(Conservation)] or a Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation [PDip(Conservation)]. In 2015, ACP was elevated to a Division under the Department of Real Estate and Construction and offers accredited built heritage conservation studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Since its establishment, ACP has been working closely with local professional institutes, government agencies in the Development Bureau as well as the Urban Renewal Authority, and inter-governmental organizations, such as UNESCO and ICOMOS, in shaping conservation policies in Hong Kong and developing conservation education in the region. To date, ACP has become a recognized “brand name” because of its policy impact and academic excellence in built heritage conservation, as well as a driving force in the professionalization of the field in Hong Kong.

ACP's postgraduate programmes are developed in parallel with the continual development of built heritage conservation education by such inter-governmental organisations as UNESCO and ICOMOs. Its curriculum is organised into two key knowledge components, Foundation Knowledge and Advanced Knowledge. The former comprises of three knowledge areas or competencies: Heritage, Technical and Management. Completion of the Foundation Knowledge provides the choice of graduating with the Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation or advancement to the Advanced Component, which focuses on academic research and professional practice. Completion of the Advanced Knowledge leads to graduation with the MSc(Conservation) degree. 

To date, almost all of our ACP graduates have found jobs that deal with conservation directly or indirectly, either in private practice or government service, in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. A good measure of success of the ACP postgraduate programmes is indicated by the achievements of graduates, who have received the prestigious UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation, continued into PhD studies at world-ranking universities, and been appointed in professoriate and lecturer positions at local, mainland and overseas universities.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (one year, with classes on evenings and weekends)
Part Time (two years, with classes on evenings and weekends)

Overseas students can only apply for the Full Time MSc(Conservation) programme

Medium of Instruction
Programme Entrance Requirements

MSc(Conservation) students are from diverse building- or non-building-related and nonprofessional backgrounds, and from private practices and government organizations. To date, the following professions, in both private practice and government service, are represented in the programme:

Anthropologists | Archaeologists | Architects | Contractors | Developers | Engineers | Historians | Journalists | Landscape Architects | Lawyers | Managers (Building Project, Facilities, Property and Site) | Museum Curators | Planners | Surveyors (Building, General Practice and Quantity) | School Teachers | University Lecturers and Researchers

Admission to the postgraduate programmes of the Architectural Conservation Programmes is open to practicing professionals and postgraduate students.

The basic admission requirements are:

  1. A Bachelor's degree in any discipline.
  2. A good command of spoken and written English.
  3. Career relevance.
Programme Admissions Advisor(s)
Dr. Jennifer Lang, Programme Director
Tel: 3917 6057
Fax: 3917 2556
Dr. Hoyin Lee, Deputy Programme Director
Tel: 3917 6055
Fax: 3917 2556