Programme Introduction

Nurturing legal professionals with expertise in science in STEM-drive society

This double degree programme caters for the demand for talents amidst rapid development of technological innovations in the Greater Bay Area. It equips students with academic and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in science and law. Students will be able to tackle challenges in STEM-driven regulatory affairs and intellectual property protection.

Futuristic skills

Acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge, analytical and evaluation skills.

Work experience

Take internships and placements to familiarise practical dimensions of legal studies.

Students sitting in moot court
What You’ll Study

The comprehensive programme provides academic training for legal professionals and scientists.

Science major study, including introductory level and advanced level disciplinary courses, together with capstone course, lays the foundation for scientific knowledge and research skills.

LLB professional core, including a variety of legal courses, moot competition and mediation training, teaches legal concepts and essential legal skills to students.

Law and science interdisciplinary electives equip students with cross-disciplinary knowledge, original thinking, analytical and evaluation skills.

This double degree programme also lays the groundwork for students to pursue a postgraduate qualification in science or law.

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Exciting Opportunities

Benefit from law-and-science interdisciplinary courses, plus capstone experiences for Science major and the LLB professional core.

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Career Prospects


  • Eligible to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) after completing the double degree programme
  • In a position to apply for other postgraduate programmes in law or science

Career developments

  • Joining commercial or intellectual property firms as patent agents or professionals focusing on business development in innovative and technology firms
  • Solicitors, barristers or in-house counsel specialising in intellectual property/technology matters​
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government/regulatory officials
  • Policy-makers
  • Environmentalists
  • Researchers or academics

If you’re considering this programme, please review our programme-specific application standards and deadlines to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a place.  


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