Programme Introduction

The BA(HDT) programme aims to recruit intellectually ambitious and talented students and equip them with the training in humanities and digital technologies needed to tackle the world’s multi-faceted cultural and social problems, and to train future leaders by endowing them with innovative thinking, problem-solving skills and an interdisciplinary mindset.

The programme’s interdisciplinary structure combines a humanities focus (undertaken within a single Arts discipline) with a focus in interdisciplinary digital technologies. Through internship, experiential learning and project-based learning, the programme brings together students’ digital technology skills with their chosen humanities discipline to create an individually-tailored learning experience.

In summary, the BA(HDT) offers both practical and theoretical training, developing in students a unique skill-set in humanities and digital technologies.  Students will be equipped with the skills to drive pioneering work in their humanities areas of specialisation, with the capacity to think in new ways about technological innovation, and with the ability to build a career in a wide array of fields.

Big Data: Your Now and Future

HKU’s brand new big data-oriented programmes are designed to equip you with the skillsets and knowledge to excel in today’s digitalised world as big data professionals.


If you’re considering this programme, please review our programme-specific application standards and deadlines to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a place.


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