The merit-based one-off entrance scholarship provides due recognition to deserving local students who have achieved excellence in the 2021 HKDSE examination for admission to the Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School) through JUPAS.

Eligibility & Scholarship Package

The Scholarship is only applicable to students admitted to one of the following programmes through JUPAS in 2021:

  • 6767 - Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance [BEcon/BEcon&Fin]
  • 6781 - Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance [BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin)]
  • 6793 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) [BBA(IS)]
  • 6808 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws [BBA(Law)&LLB]
  • 6860 - Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking [BFin(AMPB)]
  • 6884 - Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance [BSc(QFin)]
  • 6896 - Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Global Management [BBA(IBGM)]
No. of 5** Achieved in the 2021 HKDSE examination (Category A Subjects) Scholarship Amount
6 x 5** or above HK$250,000 (one-off)
5 x 5** HK$220,000 (one-off)
4 x 5** HK$170,000 (one-off)
3 x 5** HK$85,000 (one-off)
2 x 5** HK$25,000 (one-off)

* Notes:                                                                                                                          
1. The HKDSE examination results are based on the year of admission only. Combined results will not be considered.
2. Extended modules 1 or 2 of Mathematics (M1/M2) will be counted as one subject.
3. Alternative Chinese result will not be considered.
4. The Scholarship shall be tenable for one year, and be disbursed in two equal instalments on completion of the first and second semester of academic year 2021/22.
5. The Scholarship may be held concurrently with other awards/scholarships awarded by the University provided that the total value of the awards/scholarships held does not exceed the maximum amount stipulated by the Senate. For students who are eligible for receiving entrance scholarship from the University at the same time, they will only receive one award from either the Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School) or the University, whichever is of the higher value.


No application is required. Eligible Students are automatically considered.


*Terms and conditions apply.