Dream big, stretch my limits, and explore all the possibilities

"HKU is a place where I can dream big, stretch my limits, and explore all the possibilities. I witness myself thriving to be a better self." said Yeung Leong Ching Michelle, a year 5 student of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). 

Michelle has an intimate bonding with HKU since her childhood. "I have learnt vocal singing and musical performance at HKU since I was 4 years old. Singing inside the historic Main Building and playing hide-and-seek at the HKU campus every Saturday have gradually intensified my eagerness to study at HKU. When I was in secondary school, I was nominated to be a member of HKU Academy for the Talented where I have made life-long friendship with a lot of like-minded scholars. Some of them are now my classmates!"  

The integration of advanced technologies, the friendliness of professors and the interactive learning atmosphere at HKU have prompted Michelle to become more determined to study Medicine at HKU. 

"I did an intercalated MSc International Disaster Management at the University of Manchester during my third year of medical school (known as Enrichment Year). Enrichment Year is a precious opportunity for me to stretch my limits and unveil my potential. My classmates are all very professional and experienced – some work in the World Health Organisation, while some work as frontline medical personnel. It is very thought-provoking to discuss with them various global issues such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, humanitarian crises and disasters. In a nutshell, it is truly eye-opening, and I am immensely grateful for this exceptional learning experience." 

Michelle was invited to be the Ambassador for the LoveHKLoveU campaign (HKU caring campaign for COVID-19 pandemic), which enabled her to share positive vibes with the community and disseminate anti-pandemic materials to the underprivileged during these difficult times. She is also very delighted to share study tips, and learning strategies with high school students on Youtube live or IG live sessions offered by HKU and HKUMed. She is always very proud of being an HKU student, and she is very grateful for all the opportunities that HKU has given her. 

"After graduating from HKU, I will work in public hospitals as a houseman and subsequently a doctor. I also plan to pursue specialist training and contribute to the field of public health or research. I hope to stay connected with HKU and support various events organised by HKU. Once an HKUer, always an HKUer."